Motorsports and sim racing are thriving more than ever, but why aren't there MORE hot takes? Well. That's where Box Box comes in with a never ending pit lane of (arguably) quality content.

Founded in 2020 β€” the year of "take me back to 2019 and lock the fucking door!" β€” Box Box is a blog for one fella to express his thoughts on the world of motorsports and sim racing. That 'fella' is this guy.

With a misspent childhood on Formula 1 '97 and Gran Turismo's 1 through 3 and a deep knowledge of who finished where in what Grand Prix in 19... something or the other, Box Box aims to channel that into prime steak written content.

Even 'til this day, motorsport is routinely interrupting my adult life as I pretend to be a GT3 driver on Assetto Corsa Competizione or a terrible driver on GTSport.

So sit back, strap in and er... chill in the pitlane and enjoy!



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