#1 - Welcome to Box This Lap Podcast

Some things are changing around here, the first one being in 2021 we have a podcast on the go! Join Ed & Erd as they review what was perhaps an anomoly of a season and a horrendous overall year, 2020.

Hello reader and hopefully soon to be listener! Over the Christmas break we decided to launch yet another podcast about the world's of motorsport and sim racing. Giving ourselves the aim of putting more valuable and diverse content out there, we kick of the pod by talking about the year that was 2020.

In this episode we dive into how glad we were motorsports were a thing in 2020! In this episode we also recount our favourite moments of 2020, the widening gap between the average person and competing in motorsport as well as sim racing's coming of age.

We'd love to hear your feedback and any paticular topic you think we should cover. You can always leave us feedback via Twitter. :)

You can also find the pod via Apple Music or Spotify ...or below this post.

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