Assetto Corsa Competizione on PS4

Lots of fuss about 30fps, but still nothing compares to the level of realism on PS4.

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So it's been about a month since I almost instantly purchased Assetto Corsa Competizione on PS4. For much of my adult life, I've avoided video games (bar the odd few weeks lost to Football Manager), but during the pandemic I've wanted to stretch my virtual legs on some virtual pedals and put some virtual rubber down at a virtual Monza.

Since the end of last year I dipped my toes back into sim racing ...I say dipped back in, does playing the original Gran Turismo and Grand Prix 3 with a keyboard on a slow PC count?


So as I was saying, I dipped my virtual toes back into 'sim racing' with Gran Turismo Sport and a PS4. This is a game I immensely love and admire. I think they got a lot right, despite the often perceived discontent with it. For your see, the visuals of GT Sport are out of this world.

Everything from in game play to the livery editor, GT Sport has a lot to be desired.

Then you enter the dailies. The more you play GT Sport online (which has probably the best matchmaking system of any console racing game, prove me wrong), the more you crave for some grittiness. You know, when you bump your car at highspeed after veering off at the Parabolica, you'd expect damage and your race to be over. Alas, it is not, you are met with a 10 second penalty and a "aw shit here we go again" from the back of the pack.

Add to that the rather short pitstops, minimal variable conditions such as a basic tyre wear and lack of weather options you start to itch for something more.

Cue Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Now, I'd had a dabble in Project Cars 2 and while this scratched a bit of an itch for a while and the fact you can have great racing with the AI when they're not ramming you into the barriers, it still has its short comings. The fact that there's no yellow flags is insane. So even with PC2, I was left yearning for some more R e A L i S m.

Getting back to ACC. It's not necessarily a game without it's issues, I mean the amount of times I've lapped Bertrand Baguette's Honda NSX because his car has a problem and he refuses to retire is a bit of a problem. What I like in ACC is the rating system, but what I do not like, is my inability to raise my safety rating because Sir Bertrand's slow car drops its pace SO much when the blue flags show that you end up with the occasional plowing into the backing of Bertrand. That's bad for SA rating.

What I do love however is the fact that I as a non-PC owner, have been given the chance to experience a near-iRacing, near to 'real' sim as possible on a console! Perhaps one day I'll build a PC and acquire a Fanatec despite my better halves wishes, but for the time being, this'll do.

A topic of contention with most people used to playing ACC on a PC is the frame rate. To retain the level of realism, sounds and everything else, they unfortunately had to compromise the frame rate to 30fps. This for the most part isn't a problem, the game still runs smooth on the most basic model of the PS4. The only time you notice it is if you are in a gaggle of cars attempting to go flat through Eau Rouge. The choppy frames give you a near Berlin night club experience.

Either way, I've not touched GT Sport or PC2 ...let alone the F1 games since I've had ACC loaded up. Despite the frustrating endurance races on a Dualshock controller, when a race goes right and even if you finish 9th place against the strongest AI, well, it's all the more worthit.

Excited to try this on a PC one day.

2 years ago by erd_y