Ferrari deserve to be where they are

"You know you've messed up" - it could not get anymore stark than this, the Ferrari and Vettel relationship has finally burnt bridges.

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I don't think I've seen a bigger pastiche in motorsport since Ferrari themselves in the mid-90's and mid-2010's. Not since those days of Alesi and Berger constantly breaking down on route to a good result or Kimi Raikkonen pissing off to race rally cars a year after winning the title have I seen Ferrari become a faint imitation of themselves.

It seems to me, Mercedes have absolutely broke Ferrari with their relentlessness. I think it's important to mention this in the lead up to how Maranello is being run into the ground with mismanagement of their prize assets. Contrast that to how Toto Wolff deals with both Lewis and Valteri and wow, we have a shit show on our hands.

As it's fresh off the dome piece, I don't quite recall which lap it was, but Sebastian Vettel finally slammed his Ferrari team publicly. Everything from strategists to engine to treatment of staff has been a shadow of what they once were. Since the Jean Todt days, the team has really struggled to handle incidents like this. Mercedes initially experienced these sorts of problems with Nico and Lewis between 2014 - 2016, but you felt they dealt with it much better. It's not to say they haven't experienced problems too, but they always seem to get a firm grip on it.

Right now Ferrari are in debt to their talisman Charles Leclerc. He seems to be the only shining light, but again, the treatment of Vettel is stark. Whilst Charles has been dragging out every last bit of performance from a car that let's be honest, looks slightly better than Seb's, Seb himself has been dragging along the equivalent of an Alpha Tauri.

It's incredible to me that Ferrari turned their backs so quickly on Seb, just because of a supremely talented Charles Leclerc. To me, there's still a lot to come from Seb, put him in a competitive car and this man would still be fighting for wins and podiums. Albeit, he's become a Pete Burns fan and loves a little spin here and there, he's still got the raw pace and quality.

It's quite sad to see Ferrari completely panic at every turn, the shady dealings with their power unit and treat the driver who bought a good vibe back to the team post-Fernando in such a shambolic way. It's unclear to me where Binotto expects to take this team, but perhaps the arrogance Ferrari carry themselves with has to be checked. Maranello deserves better and for sure Vettel himself deserves better.

You'd hope that if he finds himself in an Aston Martin that it's quick off the bat and he can put those Ferrari demons to bed. In a way I feel sorry for Charles and Carlos going forward, doesn't look like they'll have a car to contest anything until 2022 and even then, it's not a given if their power unit sucks compared to a Mercedes or a Honda.

Either way, had to express these thoughts, Seb deserves better. Ferrari can do better.

a year ago by erd_y