The F1 season that turned into a real life game mod

With the introductions of the Nurburgring, Imola and Portimao - the pandemic hit season is starting to look a lot like a sim racing modder's wet dream.

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Well that was a surprise! In a season where F1 was set to debut new circuits to the ever growing calendar in a non-pandemic hit season, they continue to delight fans with the makeshift season on offer.

So far the tracks that are already there on F1's mini-tour are some of the better ones. The A1 Ring always throws up delights, as can Hungary on occasion. This weekend the race rolls on to Silverstone for two grand prix and who doesn't love a good Silverstone GP? Some classics over the years and in recent memory.

But where else are we going? Well, F1 confirmed that Portugal's Portimao, Italy's Imola and Germany's Nurburgring. Now two of those tracks were F1 stalwarts over the years, the most recent being Nurburgring when they were alternating with Hockenheim.

Added to an already confirmed Mugello, it can only throw up some exciting racing as drivers adapt to tracks they may not have driven in a while. Most folks seem to think the tracks will be too fast, such as Portimao, but we already frequent circuits such as A1 Ring and for me some of Baku's corners are mental.

This season is very much shaping up to be a modding communities dream. I think I read somewhere that Codemaster's will not be including the additional tracks, which is a shame, but they've had quite a few changes to deal with already - liveries etc.

Excited for the double header at Silverstone, unsure about Catalunya after that, but it's looking like this season will be a little more spicy than a regular season. Even if Hamilton walks it!

2 years ago by erd_y